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Deportation Defense Is Too Important To Handle On Your Own

If you are facing deportation and you are worried about your chances in the legal system, then you need to get an experienced immigration lawyer on your side who can help you fight for your ability to stay in the United States. Learn more about how to legally gain temporary or permanent residence to keep your family together by speaking with me, Marisol L. Escalante. With my two decades of experience in these cases, I can help you.

Immigration And Deportation Defense Requires An Experienced Representative

Deportation has many different sides. Some individuals overstay their visa, accidentally or deliberately, or have not come into the country lawfully. Non-legal residents who have committed a crime, been arrested and convicted of a felony, may face a tough situation where they can be deported for a number of reasons.

The opportunities a person has by living lawfully in the United States are endless and these opportunities are reasons to try and stay. Entering the U.S. lawfully through a non-immigrant visa for travel, tourism, looking into investments and even on a work permit have time limits or qualifications you need to make sure you monitor and keep track of. The temporary nature of these visas have an expiration and the visa holder must exist the United States to avoid legal concerns.  All of these situations and more, are reasons why you need an attorney with solid deportation defense experience and can assist you during this process.

Come Speak With Me To Get Help

At Escalante Law, I am experienced in immigration and criminal defense. I know and appreciate that every immigration case is different. Every person’s situation is different. My commitment to personal, one-on-one representation is a pillar to my firm’s and my client’s success. If you or someone you know is facing deportation or needs deportation defense now, call me by dialing 720-896-3989 or by emailing me with a brief description of your situation. I offer free initial consultations to all of my prospective clients.