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Will you be deported if you get fired?

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2024 | Citizenship & Naturalization

With an H1–B visa or another type of employment visa, maintaining that employment is important. After all, the visa was only issued because you were going to take a job. In some cases, your visa may be entirely dependent on sponsorship from your employer, so you need to maintain that job in order to stay in the United States. This is to keep people from using a job offer as a way to enter the country, quitting their job and then simply staying indefinitely.

But what if you don’t quit? What if you get fired or the company downsizes and has to lay you off? Could the ramifications be even more serious for you because you now run the risk of being deported? You aren’t trying to overstay your employment visa, and you likely wish that you were still gainfully employed. But is this going to derail your entire plan and mean that you have to leave the United States?

There is a 60-day grace period

The above can happen, as employment is necessary for the visa. You could be deported if you lose your job, as you would then be in violation of the governmental regulations.

But they are not going to deport you the day after you get laid off. Instead, you’re given a 60-day grace period. Many people are able to find a similar position that still satisfies the visa, and then they get to stay in the United States. The key is just to understand what legal options you have and to move quickly if you lose your job so that you can get another one and maintain your visa.