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Let Me Guide You On Your Path To A Green Card

By striving to unify or keep families together, I devote personal attention to each of my clients. Whether you are seeking a green card through marriage, applying for permanent residency by adjustment of status, need to apply for a relative to come to this country through consular processing, or need to remove conditions on your green card, my firm is here to help you every step of the way. My name is Marisol Escalate, I am a green card lawyer and my team at Escalante Law is here to help you obtain a green card or apply for a green card renewal.

Green Cards Are Not Forever; You Need To Understand Renewal Laws

The lawful permanent resident card, or green card, must be renewed prior to its expiration. In general, the green card is valid for ten (10) years. Lawful permanent residents need their green card as evidence of status for work authorization, government benefits, financial services, travel and more. If you lose your green card or it gets damaged or destroyed in some way, then you will need to replace it. When a green card expires it is important to renew it as required by the U.S. government as quickly as possible.

If You Lose Your Green Card, You Need To Seek A Replacement Immediately

There are several reasons why someone may need to replace their green card. For example, the card may be lost, stolen or have errors on it that need to be corrected. Under these circumstances, one should not delay in replacing their green card. Keep in mind, a lawful permanent resident is required to carry a green card at all times.

Family Based Green Cards Are A Way To Bring Your Loved Ones To Live With You

In order to obtain a green card for a family member, a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident must file an I-130 Petition for Alien Relative with USCIS. A U.S. citizen who seeks to petition for his or her family member must establish that their relationship with the family member is one of a spouse, parent, sibling or child. Unfortunately, a lawful permanent resident is limited to only being able to petition for a spouse or child.

A Conditional Green Card Is Normally Used By Spouses Prior To Full Residency

As a general rule, when someone obtains a green card through a marriage that is less than two years at the time the green card application is filed, then the permanent residency card issued will be conditional. Conditions are imposed on the status of the permanent resident as a means for the government and other relevant authorities to ensure that the marriage is not fraudulent or entered into for the purpose of obtaining the green card. Conditions on permanent residency must be removed within the 90 day window before the green card expires. Failure to do so, without good cause, will result in the loss of one’s permanent legal resident status. With their experience in working these cases, an immigration attorney who knows the ins and outs can answer your questions and help minimize costs while providing legal advice throughout.

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