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Using A K1 (Fiancé) Visa To Bring Your Loved One To The U.S.

As a law-abiding citizen, you have the right to bring your spouse to the United States. But like most visa programs, it is not easy to get a marriage visa. Immigration laws have changed dramatically in recent years making it more difficult and time-consuming for couples to begin their lives together. The process is demanding and small mistakes in this process can result in delay, denial, and/or deportation. Don’t risk your fiancé visa! Get help from me, Marisol Escalante, at Escalante Law. As your K1 Visa lawyer, I can guide you through the visa application process.

Do You And Your Fiancé Qualify For A Marriage Visa?

Below are the K1 visa requirements that you must meet to be eligible for a K1 visa for your fiancé:

  • Are you married or planning to marry a non-US citizen?
  • Are you a law-abiding US citizen?
  • Has your spouse/fiancé obeyed US immigration laws?
  • Can you support your spouse in the United States?

If you can answer yes to the above questions, then you are well on your way to getting your K1 Visa. The K1 visa is reserved for foreign nationals residing outside of the United States who are engaged to a United States citizen. Within 90 days of entering the United States, the couple is required to marry. After the date of marriage, the K1 visa holder can apply for a green card to obtain permanent residence in America.

Let Me Help You Navigate The Complex Visa Process

It is important for any person seeking a fiancé visa to understand the requirements and carefully prepare the immigration application. Working with an experienced immigration attorney is critical when considering the unique circumstances of the petitioner. I can assist you with the application process, as well as the subsequent green card application process. I also assist clients in obtaining a K-3 visa or spouse visa if you are already married.

Remember, the marriage visa process involves more than quickly filing a simple form. It is about spending the time necessary to properly prepare your file with accurate and complete information before submitting it to the USCIS. To follow up on an adjustment of status, file for citizenship or any other immigration need, contact me at 720-896-3989.

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No matter what your visa questions may be, I can help you find answers.

Contact Me Today In Parker Or Baltimore To Get Help

At Escalante Law, I know and appreciate that every immigration case is different. My commitment to personal, one-on-one representation is pivotal to my firm’s and my client’s success. If you need to learn more about the K1 Visa requirements and the visa application process, call me at 720-896-3989, or send me an email with a brief description of your situation. I have physical offices in both Parker, Colorado and Baltimore, Maryland where I can assist you.