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Temporary protected status extended for Haitians

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2024 | Visa

Roughly 309,000 Haitians living in this country have received a reprieve, thanks to the Biden Administration’s decision to extend temporary protected status (TPS) for an additional 18 months. This measure has been taken due to widespread evidence that the nation is in severe economic turmoil and that gangs have largely seized control from the government.

Temporary protected status is a humanitarian program that this nation offers nationals from certain countries where ongoing violent conflicts, political crises, environmental disasters and famines prevent them from returning to their homelands with any degree of safety. For Haitians, the new extension period starts Aug. 4 and runs through Feb. 3, 2026.

What does (and doesn’t) temporary protected status do?

It’s important to understand that temporary protected status is not a path to permanent residence in the United States. Obtaining it won’t greenlight anybody’s way to citizenship, either. The vast majority of recipients are expected to return to their homelands once conditions there improve.

In the meantime, however, those who hold TPS status:

  • Cannot be deported from the U.S. based solely on the fact that they are in the country without proper authorization
  • Can legally obtain work, so long as they obtain an Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) that permits it
  • Can travel outside of the United States and return without worrying that their reentry will be barred

Because temporary protected status is only a stop-gap measure aimed at providing compassionate relief, Haitian immigrants who hope to stay in this country after the TPS designation is lifted should be investigating their legal options to change their legal status. Swift action can help preserve your options.