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Detention And Bond

At Escalante Law, I am dedicated to helping clients who are facing detention, or are in need of representation at a bond hearing. The consequence of deportation is severe; you cannot afford to go ahead on your own.

Fighting Deportation

In the event that you are facing deportation by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) you should immediately contact an experienced immigration attorney who can work with ICE to get you released from custody. The sooner you are released, the more time you have to remain in the country and work with an immigration attorney to determine if you qualify for an immigration benefit. Persons who remain in ICE’s custody are generally moved faster through the deportation process. Therefore, individuals who are released, whether on their own recognizance or on bond, gain the advantage of time.

Understanding How Bond Hearings Work

When a person is detained by the ICE, the detainee starts the process by attending a bond hearing where a determination of bond eligibility is made. An Immigration Judge (IJ) presiding over the hearing will make a decision based on factors such as the detainee’s danger to the community, risk of travel or flight, employment history, ability to pay a bond, community involvement, and immigration history. If the detainee is entitled to a bond and one is set, anyone can post bond for the detained immigrant. The purpose of the bond is to ensure that the detainee will attend the following scheduled court hearing. Once the immigrant facing deportation or removal attends their hearing, the bond is returned.

Call My Office So I Can Help You

You should seek me out if you are in need of a skilled immigration law attorney to help you through a bond hearing or to fight your deportation. Without an attorney, you face a number of challenges and will not have the benefit of my skill or experience. Call my office at 720-896-3989, or email me online so that I can schedule a free consultation for you.